• Produce your own electricity

    Produce Your Own Electricity

    We all know that electricity prices are on the rise. Produce your own and be more self sufficient and also save money! Click for more info...
  • Increase your house value

    Increase Your Propery Value

    Not only does installing solar panels on your property save you money, it also increase the value of your home if you choose to move! Click for more information...
  • Tax free income

    Guaranteed Tax Free Income

    With the new government funded Feed In Tariff scheme you're guaranteed an tax free income for 25 years for the energy you produce! This is linked and increase with the Retails Price Index too. So you're looking at approximately an 11% Return on Investment. Click for more details...
  • Easy installation

    Easy Installation

    As a homeowner the thought of having work done on your property can be daunting, in addition to this understanding all the paperwork, taking time off work and having workmen in your house can be a scary thought. Having solar panels fitted is simple and can be done over 1 to 2 days. Click for more...
  • Solar accreditied

    All installations done by fully qualified engineers

    All Solar Panel installations are accredited to the highest standards which include the various industry MCS logo and more. Click for more info.....
  • Help the environment

    Help The environment and reduce your carbon footprint

    Help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and do your bit by going solar.
  • Green Bristol

    Keep Bristol Green

    You may or may not know but Bristol aims to be one of the first cities in Europe which be a fully self ecological. Click for more details...
  • No obligation quote

    Free No Obligation Consultation

    Free Solar Panels Bristol offer a free no obligation quotation and are very happy to help with advice.

Solar Panel Grants

Before April 2010, you could obtain various solar panel grants from the government to invest in solar panels or other grants for different renewable technology for your home or business unit/building.

These are now called Feed In Tariffs. Domestic energy consumtion is high in the UK and the government are very eager to reward householders and small businesses who use renewable technology such as solar panels. Instead of giving you a grant towards the installation they now pay you (pence per unit) for the electricity you produce - guaranteed for the next 25 years..

We have more infromation on Feed In Tariffs and some examples on how they work on our Feed In Tariff page.

Feed In Tariffs are administered by OFGEM (The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets). You can read more about Feed In Tariffs at the Ofgems Feed In Tariff page and also about the Feed In Tariff Rates.

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